Message from the IHHS President


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Welcome to the International Heart Health Society (IHHS). This newly constituted society has its roots in the wake of the 1st International Heart Health meeting held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in May 1992. This meeting produced the Victoria Declaration on Heart Health. Authored by members of an international advisory board, this landmark document made for the first time, a clear and unequivocal statement that we have the evidence and capacity to virtually eliminate the world-wide epidemic of cardiovascular disease by applying what we know and working together in a spirit of collaboration and partnership. Subsequently, a number of international conferences have been held around the world with additional declarations released dealing with important aspects of cardiovascular disease prevention and control from a global perspective. These documents are accessible through this website and I would encourage you to read and disseminate them as widely as possible.

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The IHHS was formally founded in 2002 and is an associated member of the World Heart Federation. Its main objective is to advocate to individuals and organizations called upon by the Declarations, including governments, for the implementation of policies and programs to prevent cardiovascular disease and to promote health based on the recommendations of our declarations. It is my hope that you will join us in this great task. I would invite you to become a member of the Society by submitting the application form that you will find on this web site.


David R MacLean MD, Canada


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